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Mobile Services

We Come To You

Estate Planning where it’s most comfortable for you. Throughout California, our experienced and friendly attorneys take the stress out of Estate Planning. We’ll come to you in your home, at a loved one’s bedside, your office, an assisted care facility*, or any place convenient for you.

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Estate Planning House Calls

Your schedule. Your location. Mobile Estate Planning is a convenient way to put a comprehensive Estate Plan into action and protect your assets. Our knowledgeable and professional lawyers bring 25 years of Estate Planning experience right to your door with our “Red Carpet” service.

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Areas We Service

If you are located in the following areas in California, we’ll come to you:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco/Bay Area
  • San Joaquin Valley

For other cities or areas, give our office a call for a custom quote.

Get in touch

Meeting With You

H & K Law will send an attorney to meet you where it’s most convenient. At our meeting, we will obtain information to evaluate your legal needs and provide a proposal. All the information provided is confidential.


Proposal and Customized Quote

After our meeting, we’ll send you a letter of recommendation and proposal to create your comprehensive Estate Plan.  At that point, you decide whether to move forward or not. The choice is always yours.


Preparing Estate Planning Documents

Once you have accepted our proposal to prepare an Estate Plan, H & K Law staff will prepare the Estate Planning documents for your review.  If you have any questions, one of our experienced staff members will provide you with additional information. See our guarantee.


Filing of Documents

After we have met with you and obtained signed EP (Estate Planning) documents, we will record / file title transfer documents and provide you with an original Estate Plan Binder.


Funding Your Estate Plan

After we provide you with the Estate Planning binder, our staff will contact you to discuss funding of your Estate Plan. With your assistance, we will make sure that all of your assets are properly positioned and protected.

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Do I Need an Estate Plan in California?

Many people don’t have an Estate Plan (Last Will and Testament, or Living Trust), but most of us need one. If you have bank accounts, personal property, life insurance, or minor children / dependents, it’s time to make sure your family and assets are protected. Without an Estate Plan, the Probate process can take up to two years to complete (even longer under certain circumstances) and cost tens of thousands of dollars in fees.

A mandatory Probate can be eliminated if you have a well-drafted and funded Estate Plan. Following our advice, you'll get a complete Estate Plan that avoids Probate and confidentially provides for your family.

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Estate Planning Guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with a convenient and effective way to convey your last last wishes, to protect your assets, and to avoid mandatory court supervision of the division of your property after your death.

We guarantee that your family will avoid a mandatory Probate Court filing if you provide us with: 1) Complete information regarding your family, assets, and debts; and 2) follow our professional advice.**

**(The guarantee does not apply if you withhold information, do not follow our advice, or a Probate Court Petition is brought by a beneficiary or other party with standing that we do not represent.)

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Mobile Estate Planning

We make protecting your interests and legacy easier. Our attorneys are experienced in California Estate Planning law.

Book Appointment*If we meet at an assisted care facility, a family member and Ombudsman must be present.